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OPTI is a comprehensive tool used to identify and secure a person’s public social media profile. We will search hundreds of sites, including the most popular social media, for content on your subject. Once found, we create digital captures of this content and secure it by adding a cryptographic hash so that it cannot be altered without your knowledge. We then provide this information to you, so that you can validate the data and complete your own investigation. This product is perfect for Special Investigation Units, Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, and Government Analysts. 

$215 - OPTI

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Online Profile Targeting Index Plus

Social Media Search & Capture

Plus Investigative Summary

Perfect for Claims Adjusters, Attorneys, Human Resources, and Title IX Investigators, we take our OPTI comprehensive search and captures product to the next level by adding a review and investigative summary by one of our licensed investigators. You provide us the pertinent information like date of loss, injury, or other case facts and we will review all the materials and provide a detailed summary highlighting what has been uncovered. You'll be able to expedite your review of the information and save even more time analyzing the facts.

$245 - OPTI PLUS

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OPTI Captures

Social Media Platform or Image/Video Captures

Sometimes all you need is the ability to secure the information once you have found it, especially if you anticipate  litigation. Simply provide us with the URL and our digital captures process will secure every page of that profile. We will also add a cryptographic hash to each capture making sure that it can't be altered after the fact.

Need to secure all the images and videos from that profile too? No problem. We can download all the images and videos from the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. Custom downloads are also available.

$50-$100 - OPTI Archive

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