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Join thousands of law enforcement, insurance, finance and government investigators who have gained insightful investigative techniques from Joe Stephenson during one of his many course presentations.  Find Joe speaking at a non-profit seminar like IAATI, IASIU, AFA and others or join him for one of his many law enforcement classes throughout the US & Canada. 


Joe has provide instruction to major insurance company investigators, private investigative firms, and various law enforcement members including the IRS criminal division, Social Security Administration, US Air Force, DEA, NYPD, LASD, US Customs, and many more.   Inquire how sponsoring law enforcement agencies can receive free training.  To schedule a course or discuss options send a request now. 

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The era of big data is here. Are your investigations still living in the past?

Does your company still use typewriters? Of course not. So why aren't your investigators using social media and online resources as part of their investigations? Stop living in the Dark Ages and move forward with the proper training and products.

Why social media is important for fraud investigations